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I don’t have to tell you that the internet is a wonderful thing. Sure, information overload can be a problem – if you let it get to you. Filter out the good from the bad. Here are my picks and tricks to keep myself on the ball in the ever evolving and revolving world of pre-hospital care and medicine:

@Email Newsletters:
Probably the easiest way to be on the ball, all you need is an email address. A lot of magazines, newspapers and blogs have email subscription services, most of them are free. Get the latest delivered directly in to your inbox. Here is my selection, in alphabetical order:

  • Everyday EMS Tips: Greg Friese, the author, will send you a weekly roundup of his blog. Subscription link is in the right hand column, and includes two handy ebooks to download.
  • (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) also sends out a weekly newsletter rounding up the newest articles from their website. Subscribe to the newsletter here.
  • The Mediccast is by rights a podcast (and a great one too). Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, sums up the show, and sends out the corresponding links/shownotes to you after each weekly show. Great way to follow up things you heard, then read about them. Head on over to his website here, the subscription link is in the left column.

120px-Feed-icon.svg RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
OK, this may sound complicated and too techy for some, but it really isn’t. In simple  terms, it’s taking the above mentioned  email newsletters one step further. All you need is a RSS reader or aggregator; I use Google Reader (Take a tour, or watch a video).

Here is a list of educational blogs I have in my reader (you will recognize some of them from my newsletter subscription list):

You already know about the first two sites, the last one is also highly recommended.  Steve Whitehead focusses on some really good subjects, both for those who have just joined the job and for the more experienced amongst us.

(Something I just noticed: Three websites, and together the first letters spell E M T . Fancy that :))

Next posting I’ll be looking at more blogs in general, the microblogging service twitter and other ways of using the internet to your advantage.

I hope you got something out of this post, and if you have any comments, anything to add, anything at all, please leave a comment or contact me via email. Details are at the top of the page under ‘contact’



One Response to “Stay up to date with email and RSS”

  1. 1 Tazambo

    Very nice work.

    Lets see this blog grow and grow.

    I have some excellent PowerPoint files I should upload to the Google Group.


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